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Most widgets support selection of different styles through setting their box property; some also have a down_box property used when the widget is pressed. Boxtype and Frametype are a table naming the different box and frame styles.

(This picture needs to be updated for Lua FLTK names)

Boxtype.none means nothing is drawn at all, so whatever is already on the screen remains. The FL_..._FRAME types only draw their edges, leaving the interior unchanged. In the above diagram the blue color is the area that is not drawn by the box.

Here are the boxtype values:

Here are the Frametype values:

Detailed reference

Boxtype:to_frame(Boxtype b): Frametype

Returns a Frametype similar to the Boxtype b. Note that this won't work on all Boxtypes.

Boxtype:to_down(Boxtype b): Boxtype

Returns a Boxtype similar to b that's "down". Note that this won't work on all Boxtypes.

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