Class Menu_Entry

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Wrapper class for menu items

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Key properties

string labelPath and label
function callbackCalled when chosen

Key functions

void redraw()Update the menu item state


Menu_Entry wraps the creation and maintenance of menu items in Menu_ subclasses. It compensates for the lack of a Lua binding to Fl_Menu_Item

To create them, call their constructor Menu_Entry{"your label"}. Once added to a Menu_, they're associated with that menu; don't add them again elsewhere.

Changes to properties won't take effect until you call redraw() on the entry.

Detailed reference

label: string

The label to display for this entry. It also specifies the place in the menu hierarchy. For example, a label of "Edit/Paste" will place an entry displayed as Paste in the Edit menu.

Note that you should not create an entry labeled "Edit" in this case; it will be properly created as a submenu for you.

'&' shortcuts may be included. See Button's label property for more information.

callback: function

callback will be called when the item is chosen. If callback is nil, the Menu_'s callback will be invoked instead.

inactive: boolean

Selects whether the item is disabled. Disabled items are grayed out and cannot be picked.

toggle: boolean

Controls whether the item is a check button. Check buttons have a box drawn adjacent to them; chosing one toggles its value. See get_value() and set_value()

radio: boolean

Controls whether the item is a radio button. Radio button have a box drawn adjacent to them. When a radio button is selected all "adjacent" radio buttons are turned off. A set of radio items is delimited by a non-radio item, or by an item with divider turned on.. See get_value() and set_value()

Note that you must manually deselect other radio buttons in the group before selecting one programmatically.

invisible: boolean

Controls whether the item is shown.

divider: boolean

If divider is true, a menu divider is drawn after this item.

value: boolean

For radio and check buttons, choose whether the entry is selected. This is really only useful in constructors as it lags behind the menu state. Use get_value() and set_value() instead.

shortcut: integer

Controls the keyboard trigger for the menu item. shortcut is an integer consisting of an ASCII character or extended keycode, with modifiers. strbyte('a')+Modifier.ctrl is Ctrl-A; Key.insert+Modifier.shift is Shift-Insert. See Key and Modifier for more information.

get_value(): boolean

Returns true if the item (presumably a check or radio button) is selected.

set_value(boolean b): void

Sets the value flag of the item (presumably a check or radio button) to b. redraw() is called for you.

Note that this does not turn off other members of a radio group; turn them off by hand before turning another on programatically

redraw(): void

A Menu_Entry is only a wrapper for an item in a menu. After modifying the state, call redraw() to force changes into the real menu.

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