Class Multiline_Input

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Multiline text input field.

Inherits from Input


This input field displays '\n' characters as new lines rather than ^J, and accepts the Return, Tab, and up and down arrow keys. This is for editing multiline text.

The FLTK documentation for Fl_Multiline_Input includes this paragraph:

"This is far from the nirvana of text editors, and is probably only good for small bits of text, 10 lines at most. I think FLTK can be used to write a powerful text editor, but it is not going to be a built-in feature. Powerful text editors in a toolkit are a big source of bloat."

Since I'm writing this, I'll add that decent quality text widgets have an amazing number of uses and can be a critical enabler to allow many apps to even be written or considered. Lua FLTK may wrap libfleditor or even the Tk text widget in the future.

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